Borys Makary is an exploring artist. It seems that he hasn’t found his favourite form of expression yet. Thus so many intriguing forms of depicting and methods of presenting topics. No matter if it is an attempt to discover links between a man and nature, putting him into the landscape, or Man-Ray’s like presenting the reality using negatives and numerological describing of man, Makary’s photographs are a journey through the corners of human mind, an attempt to catch that what is ephemeral and simultaneously – a set of his own photographic path. During this journey, Makary proves he is an unusually talented artist able to break cliches and replace them with his own original observations and associations.

Borys Makary’s photographs are like opium: addictive and unforgivable. Once seen, they come back to the recipient repeatedly like a boomerang thrown in the Australian bush. They tempt. They hypnotise. They addict. Through his pictures, Borys plays an endless game with a viewer, a game in which he establishes the rules, and during which he is both, the demiurge and an active participant. The unconscious of anything recipient gets caught up in this game as easily as the insect lured by the carnivorous sundew. Each Makary’s exhibition reveals another scene of this peculiar game and the key to the understanding of its principles is total immersion in the magic of his images.

There are two trends noticeable in Makary’s work. On the one hand it is a fascination with the human body, especially the female body and femininity in general; on the other hand, it is admiration for the beauty and power of nature. Both threads are led parallelly, although it happens to them to enter together into an invisible dialogue. Such a dialogue is the latest presentation of Makary’s works, that consists of works from the artist’s archives that have never been displayed publicly before as well as the photographs made specially for the Cracow exhibition.

Why Unseen Dialogues? Because they are not obvious, one must look for them in the game of the pictures, in their associations. Seemingly simple, they can make a mess in one’s head. To understand them properly can cause some trouble. In addition, Makary doesn’t help us in this task. He makes us analyse them carefully picture by picture in order to find their connection, to hear their dialogues. What they are talking about? What they want to tell us? Let’s listen to…

Grzegorz Kosmala


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