“Connection” is a clash of two elements. It is about central photographs of a woman in a landscape. The romantic aesthetics prevails – a reference to pictorial Romanticism can be noticed, e.g. to Caspar David Friedrich’s painting – with its simultaneous negation. In this context, a naked woman is somewhat anti-romantic.

“Connection” individual exhibition in La Maison de la Photographie / Lille, France 2017

Individual exhibition in Galerie Claude Samuel / Paris, France 2016

„Let us go back to the question of the female form and its meaning. It is always immobile, like a classical sculpture. Placed in the middle of a photograph, it seamlessly merges with the landscape. The woman with her naturalness, bodiliness, or even primal animality, appears to harmonise with the seemingly inanimate landscape. Naturally, due to a static shot, it is only possible in a photograph and only for a moment. The photograph tries to combine two strong forms, two different organisms… The repeatability of the image of a woman contrasted with the landscape betrays a conceptual tone, as I have already stated. It is an attempt at „freezing” and exercising symbolic authority over the form captured by a camera. Thus, as Susan Sontag pointed out in her book “O fotografii” (Warszawa, 1986, translated by Sławomir Magala), it is a kind of visual violence, albeit very sublime and camouflaged in this case”.

Krzysztof Jurecki – artist critic