“Polish misia”

“Polish misia” is about depicting and presenting a psychological and sociological phenomenon, which seems to have been present “since forever”, but has never been talked about in this context. In this project women show their deep bond, relations with “a teddy bear”, emphasising their amorous approach towards these toys. The photo story is completed with the memories connected with this “fluffy friend”.

In my work I speak using an open text. It can be read in two or even three very different ways. I move between the document and creation. The work is a satirical comment on pop culture and the over-erotised image of a woman in the modern world. The work is also to show the eroticisation of  modern life, the desire to uncover oneself and emanate with sexuality, and at the same time is a collection of “licked bears”, continuing in the old tradition of collection in photography. Of course, I was also the director influencing people and situations, thanks to which I created some phenomena, “falsifying” reality, creating through these actions facts regarded as valid and real.

“Focusing his attention on plush toys in the project “Polish misia”, Borys Makary joined the afore described niche cultural discourse. In the series of photographs depicting bare chested adult women kissing their teddy bears, all the above listed problems related to the presence of toys in art, culture and social and personal life were concentrated, as by means of a lens: childishness, relationship with fashion, accessibility and meekness, erotic reification…”; “…Therefore, it can be claimed that in the case of the project “Polish misia” what is shown is equally important to how it is shown and how this could happen, how it was possible?”

Mateusz Bieczyński – artist critic

“Polish misia” book in MONA INNER SPACES – Museum of contemporary art / Poznań, Poland

“Fredi – because that’s the name of my favourite teddy bear. My personal source of strength, which always reminds me of those carefree moments of my childhood, a friend I could always count on  during such a difficult first day at KINDERGARTEN! Sometimes a bit forgotten, not so new and shiny anymore, but still a keeper of my secrets.”

Kate – author

“It’s sweet and soft, you stroke it and hug it, and one day it falls behind the bed and after a few nights without it you realise you’ve grown up. And then the Guy appears. He pulls the covers at night, farts and never makes the bed, but he gets up with you and goes through life with you. I love you, Teddy Bear.”

Ann – author

I do not take this cycle, executed in the pop style, too seriously, i.e. I do not perceive it as a mirror authentically reflecting an image of the Polish woman – which is not easy to come across. A hundred women of different ages, from teenagers to mature ladies, cuddle plush toys. The photographer has given the cycle a frivolous and erotic character, but the meaning of a children’s toy seems to be more complex – which was already demonstrated by Witold Wojtkiewicz in the painting of the Young Poland. The exhibition at the Imaginarium Gallery in Łódź is, in my view, an action in the vein of the pop tradition as realised by e.g. Jeff Koons or David LaChapelle. Let us remember, however, that ludic laughter should be followed by reflection.

Krzysztof Jurecki – artist critic

Polish „misia” individual exhibition in IMAGINARIUM Gallery / Lódź, Poland